Newsletter HealingInSpirit – June 2015

I’m very happy to reconnect with you. I hope all is well with each and everyone of you and your life is filled with love and joy.
The last couple of months have been tumultuous for me: I traveled to Brazil to see John of God, I went to some great seminars in Sedona and Palm Springs, and I also moved into a new apartment.


The Message of Love & Light from the Divine for the month of June:
“This is a month of fruition of the plans, a month of growth and personal mastery.

It is important to be open and honest with your personal plans, to reevaluate your dreams and your life goals. Are they truly your goals? Do they still represent you? Do you love them with your heart?

Please take a short break and breathe in. breathe in and reconnect with your life. Is your life leading you in the right direction? Are you attuned with your essence? Are you truly listening to your soul?”

The exercise for the month of June is to start your day every morning with the following affirmation:

“I connect now to my divine essence. I listen to my heart and I choose to walk on my soul path.

I am joyful and grateful for my divine and human family that support me in all that I do, blessing my life every day.”


I was asked by the Divine Feminine to work more with channeling sessions to connect as many healers, teachers, activists and leaders as possible with their soul group, with their mission and with their soul gifts.

For all of you who celebrate your birthday, your name day or an anniversary this

Month, I wish you a Happy Day full of joy and blessings.

May this month’s solstice purify and renew us so that we may create a summer full of joy and miracles.

May you all be blessed in every way, and may you receive all the divine gifts that the Universe has for in store for you.





A Warrior Camp

This month I was participating again at my favorite Warrior Camp.

The teacher this year was direct, precise and his no “bullshit” approach connected us from the beginning with warrior qualities and rules.

As this camp is designed to push one to discover his/her spiritual limits I am not discussing the program which is to be kept as a surprise in order to be most effective but I am to describe the joy of being between souls who want to became better and transform their lives.

I had the honor to witness human nature attaining its divine potential, people transforming in protecting angels to their peers fighting for what was true for them.

I was watching American and Canadian spirit at its best and I know that our forefathers were smiling in delight.



The wellness writing retreat

In my life as a writer I attended a two days writing seminars and a few months online seminar with Mark Matousek which truly feed my soul in a beautiful way and started me through his skilled questions writing a new book.

However, a writer seminar that was truly a gift. Five days of indulging in writing in a group of supportive teachers and piers was a dream comes true.

The beautiful Mago (Korean translation for the ancestral Mother) center of Sedona offered to us spoiled means of relaxation, spiritual growing and emotional healing.

During this retreat I discovered my true voice I learned, I wrote, I read, I dance, I healed myself, I laughed and I was transformed.

From my heart to yours, all my gratitude dear teachers, piers and spirits of the place!

Divine blessings,


God‘s empowerment plan for me

I believe God has a plan, a personal plan of empowerment for all of us.

This year I felt tired and hurt by the most closed people in my life.

Although, I promised myself that in spite of that my work would stay unaffected by my personal life it was hard at times to keep up and be still cheerful.

When I attended HayHouse conference in Chicago I asked God to give me a sign and to support me in my work and I kept repeating “Something good is going to came out of this seminar “ and it did as I loved the seminar.

To my surprise good things kept coming as I received the following week an e-mail saying that I am the lucky receiver of a scholarship to “The wellness writing retreat.”

It was His holly way of showing me that I am his beloved daughter, that he is with me and he cares about me.

Many blessings,


Singing for God

Last year I had the joy to participate to a gospel concert that lifted my heart to joy and connected my Spirit with choir of angels singing to God.

For many years now I was dreaming of being part of a church, a community that celebrate God through music and when the conductor announce that they are open to receive new members for their community choir I knew this is my dream come true .

Singing for God in our concert, singing from the heart words of praise and love it is for me a mean to worship my Divine Father, to came closer to him to be lifted to him and rest in adoration at his feet.

If you have a dream to sing for God and you live in the Bay area in California came to be a part of my singing family at Oakland Interfaith Community Gospel Choir.



Manifested in love and grace

I consider the month of February the month of getting serious about this year and what I want my life to be.

I had too many dreams kept on papers, journals and same were hidden only in my mind or heart.

This is why I felt so grateful when my dearest friend Lisa reminded me of an old art “The vision board”. Spending time whit her on the floor cutting images and symbols was a gift on itself but when I was able to admire my beautiful Vision board my eyes were all in tears.




Finally my dreams are standing out, shouting at the Universe to be manifested in love and grace.

Newsletter HealingInSpirit – January 2015

Dear friends,

We just began a new year a year of mystery, new potentials and surprises.

My wish for you is that 2015 shall be A Year of Joy for everyone.

In this New Year I propose to you the following exercise of self-reflection in order to define what you want to accomplish in your 2015:

– What is your theme for 2015 you?

– What qualities of your soul do you want to embody in 2015?

– What is the primordial emotion you want to feel throughout 2015?

– What is your healing color for 2015?

I was guided by the divine to share with you every month a message on various topics and with weekly exercises for manifestation. Enjoy them and please share them.

The message of love & light from the Divine for January is:

“Be open to receive. The New Year is here to bring you gifts of joy, love and power. Are you ready for it?

As an exercise, start every day this week by saying in the morning:

“I am open to receive all the gifts that the Universe has in store for me. I open my heart, my mind, my soul and my body to receive the gifts, now. I am grateful and I am blessed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Please connect to my Facebook page to find a new exercise every week:

This is the blessing for the New Year that I received from the Ascended Masters:

Blessings for the new year, initiations with divine feminine energies, readings and healing sessions are available and I received new tools to empower you. Call or e-mail me to request your appointment.


Much love and divine blessings,