Danielle NistorThis blog is an extension of my website HealingInSpirit and it serves as a continuous reminder of my work as it is constantly evolving to meet your needs.  My intention is to open a conversation with you and I would like to invite you to post your opinions, your stories and your comments here.

My name is Danielle Nistor and I am a channel for healing and divine love, a powerful intuitive visionary, an international author and spiritual teacher. My calling is to connect you with divine love and to help you heal and evolve spiritually. My channeled messages from the spirit world can empower you to find your true path and shine your true light in this world.

My clients have been able to deal with challenging situations, overcome life crises, heal relationships, enhance their ability to connect with the divine, and fill their life with joy, love and fulfillment.

My spiritual gifts emerged in my youngest years when I was able to see visions and hear from the Creator, Mother Mary and angels who were loving companions throughout my childhood. Departed spirits also visited me and I prayed for them on their path toward light.

Ten years ago, during a pilgrimage to Medjugorje I had a powerful vision of Mother Mary. I was told: “Be ready. Your mission has begun. You are to be my messenger and connect people with my words of support and my divine love for humanity”.   Since then I have been receiving from the spirit world more and more extraordinary gifts and abilities which enabled me to craft my own healing method – HealingInSpirit.

I hold a B.A. in International Law (European degree), and I have had various work experiences but my true life passions are healing, teaching and metaphysics. Over the years I have mastered many healing techniques and I am also a Certified Life Coach.

My information is clear, precise and practical. Working with me is truly a life-changing experience!

As you work with me you will see that I am honest, compassionate and sensitive to your needs. I love helping people, and I have a high success rate in my work.

“I can see you that are a real person, someone who’s not working from ego and is truly connected to the Divine.”

MM, LMFT – Palo Alto, CA

I look forward to helping you, as well.

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