Newsletter HealingInSpirit – February 2018

Dear friends,

May this month that carries the number 2 frequency of union in love, bring more self love, joy, abundance and wonderful relationships in your life.

The “Message of Love and Light” from the Divine, for the month of February is:

“February is a month of love, bringing the opportunity to be more loving and compassionate to yourself and share your love openly to the world. Give your Soul permission to shine in love and appreciation from others and from life itself, now. Love is the most precious energy in the Universe – energy that builds light inside your body and connects you deeply with one another. Remember once more and integrate your true divine nature, and know that you are loved, valuable and an important part of my divine creation.”

The exercise for this month is to start your day with the following affirmation:

“I am that I am and I am one in light and love with the whole creation. The Universe is embracing me in loving energies enhancing my divine essence. I give myself permission now to remember fully that I am made of love with a mission to lovingly share my gifts with the world. I allow Divine Love to teach me, heal me and guide me toward more compassion and love. I live in peace, gratitude, love and joy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

For all of you who celebrate your birthday, your name day or an anniversary this month, I wish you a Happy Day full of joy and blessings.

May you all be blessed in every way by the Divine in every step you make in your life.

I look forward to being of service to you with channeling sessions and special blessings, in order to support you create miraculous manifestations in your life.

With love and divine blessings,

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