Newsletter HealingInSpirit – March 2017

Dear friends,

I wish you a Happy Spring filled up with love, joy and abundance!  I’m very happy to reconnect with you.  According to the Ascended Masters new waves of harmonic frequencies are flooding the earth and supporting us in our process of ascension. Although there is turmoil all over the world due to the clearing process of the old energies, we are loved and supported spiritually  and we are on the right path. The veils keep raising and it is easier to connect with your Higher Self, with the Masters and the divine protectors.

I decided to concentrate more this spring in making room for what is truly important to manifest in my life and in my business from a soul viewpoint.

What is your commitment to yourself and to your life this spring?

What is truly important to you to let go now?

What is truly important to you to invite in your life now?

I would love to hear from you and support your vision and dreams.

This month I am inviting you to be with me at the East West Bookstore in Mountain View where I am back with new seminars of Connection with the Spirit of Money, the Spirit of Success and your divine team.



Two seminars of direct connection with secret tools for abundance and success to powerfully manifest your goals in 2017

Saturday March 11 at 7:30PM I invite you to a free transformational event to learn about channeled spiritual tools for success and abundance to divinely manifest your 2017. I will connect you with your vision, your divine potential and your divine team of Ascended Masters to support your manifestation.

Sunday March 12, between 1:00 and 5:00PM I will lead a powerful experiential seminar of exploration of what success and abundance means to each one of you “Staying Connected with the Spirit of Abundance &Success” and I will teach new ways to manifest abundance and success in your life.

I will lead you through visualizations for the manifestation of success and spiritual meditations connecting you with your Divine Team, the Inner Child, your Soul, the Spirit of Success and the Spirit of Money in order to ensure their support in achieving your divine potential in life

As a bonus during the seminars personal spiritual messages will be channeled from the Divine and breakthroughs will be created in your life.

Monday March, 13 11:30AM – 5:00PM I am available for private Channeling sessions with the Divine Mother and the Masters of Ascension for healing, manifestation, spiritual evolution and initiations at the East West Bookstore at the promotional price of $60/30 min or $120/55 min.


The “Message of Love and Light” from the Divine for the month of March is:

“This is a month of choices and beginning of manifestation in which the energies sustain you in your role as creator of your life. Use wisely this gift so that you will manifest from your soul and for the joy of your soul. Receive the blessings of the beauty and the richness of this season.”

The exercise of consciousness for this month is to ask you:

 “What do I need to manifest into my life now? What are the seeds that my soul wants to plant in my life this spring for new beginnings and transformation in my life? “

Start your mornings with this affirmation:

I am in harmony with the Universe, with myself and life itself. I allow now the rhythms of this spring to bless me. I breathe in the energies of Gaia into my being in order to plant strong seeds of joy, harmony and love into this new season of life. I invite the celestial energies to connect me with my inner power and inner truth now. I make wise choices with my heart and my soul every day. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


The anthologyCome out of Hiding and Shine” where I shared my personal journey of emerging from hiding and how the divine supported my journey of healing and transformation in the chapter

“Stepping into your True Authentic Story” is now a bestseller. I believe you’ll enjoy this inspiring book and my healing story and I’d love to hear your thoughts about it. Here’s the US Amazon link and the UK Amazon Link.

This year I will publish into a new anthology book in order to honor my women ancestors – especially my grand-grand mother who passed away the same day that I was born. I look forward to tell you how her destiny influenced mine although we never met in flesh but only in spirit.
May you be blessed in every way, and may you receive all the divine gifts that the Universe has in store for you. With much love for a joyful spring filled with abundance and divine blessings,

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