Newsletter HealingInSpirit – July 2016

Dear friends,

I am very happy to reconnect with you. I hope all is well with each one of you and your life is filled with love and joy.

Happy Fourth of July to all of you here in the United States! May God bless this country with freedom, peace and protection as it is our country with a beautiful heart!

I am back from my trip home, where I visited Romania and I spent time with my family and friends. I also enjoyed spending time with my tribe during group meditations and seminars. It is always a joy and a blessing to get back to my roots, have my soul nourished and then come back and bless the country of my choice with my gifts and the essence of who I have become.

Upon my return I celebrated the summer solstice and my birthday by holding a spiritual retreat in Mount Shasta with other spiritual teachers. My beautiful present on that occasion was to receive as a new spiritual guide Master Saint Germain whom I have started channeling.

As we are celebrating the Fourth of July here, I want to share with you a Message about freedom received from St. Germain:


What is freedom to you?

The creator gave you the freedom of your choices, but most of you complained of the responsibility coming with it.

Yes, you are free especially here in the land of the free and the home of the brave as you call your country and this freedom comes with more obligations for your Soul.

If you were completely free to be yourselves, what would you do today?

Put your hand on your heart, breathe deeply and give yourself permission to smile, to sob and to be truthful.

Please know that you have permission and we love you enough to let you be truly free.

 I bless you and I hold you in truth.

Master Saint Germain

The “Message of Love & Light” from the Divine is:

“July is the month of Innocence: enjoy life, the sun, the flowers, the fruit of the earth, as you were innocent children again.”

The exercise for this month is to start your day with the following affirmation:

“I connect now to the light of the Sun and to the summer warmth of the Earth by saying: Thank you for this happy day on this beautiful planet Earth that supports me in all my endeavors. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

I found a new favorite song these days and I hope you will like it too:

I look forward to be of service to you with channeling and connections with the Divine and with healing sessions for mind heart, body and soul.

For all of you who celebrate your birthday, your name day or an anniversary this month, I wish you a Happy Day full of joy and blessings.

May the fresh energies of this month purify and renew us so that we may create a time full of joy and miracles.

May you all be blessed in every way, and may you all receive in gratitude all the divine gifts that the Universe has in store for you.

Much love and divine blessings,



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