A blessing for Easter from Danielle

My dear friends,

This is a message I received today for Easter.


Message for Easter from Lord Jesus Christ

My dear brothers and sisters,

As you celebrate me once more this year, I want to remind you that we are all one and of the same essence of love.

Our father the Creator holds all of us, Me and You in His heart.

This day I invite you once again to be open, compassionate and loving toward yourself and all there is.

As I send my rays of Christic Love to you right now, please open your heart to receive them. Remain open day and night and fill yourself with my love, and with the new codes of Christic atunements for your body, your consciousness and your life.

I bless you, I honor you and I stand by you with brotherly love.

Sanada – Jesus


May this Easter fill you with light, love and joy!

In Spirit, Truth and Love,



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