Newsletter HealinginSpirit – December 2015

Dear Friends,

I hope you are all joyful and well, fully enjoying the holiday season.

This is an affirmation to connect with Lord Jesus Christ this season:

I connect now with Lord Jesus Christ for a new beginning in my life with pure heart, positive thoughts and blessings for myself and all the beings of the planet.

I open myself now to receive all the blessings that Master Jesus – my divine brother has for me: joy, abundance, healing, spiritual awakening and divine love. I integrate them with much honor and respect being grateful for His gift for me, my life and my planet.

And so be it!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And So it is!


This is a meditation of connection with the Spirit of Christmas:

Connection with the Spirit of Christmas

In front of you now, stands the Spirit of Christmas. It appears as a loving and happy energy of light asking you:

What does Christmas mean to you? What is the true meaning of Christmas for you?

What barriers exist between you and the true joy of Christmas, now?

What must you renounce, now, in order to fully enjoy Christmas?

Exhale now, and free your mind.

Exhale now, and free yourself from worries.

Exhale now, and free any sadness of this past year.

Exhale now, and free all the frustration of this past year.

Exhale now, and free yourself from everything that you did not forgive this past year.

Exhale now, and free yourself from any guilt, pretense or lack of forgiveness.

And now, inhale and bring peace to your mind.

Inhale and bring peace to your heart.

Inhale and be yourself the true peace, the peace of Jesus Christ for a few moments now, and feel it and let it flow throughout your cells, now.

Inhale and become at peace with your thoughts.

Inhale and bring forgiveness and acceptance to your emotions.

Inhale and bring forgiveness and acceptance to yourself, now.

Make a connection now, in your heart with the spiritual message of Christmas: “Christmas is the celebration of peace, love and joy.”

Allow yourself now, to connect to the joy of a new beginning, to the love, the goodness and the purity that a newborn brings into this world and into your life.

Look at the newborn baby Jesus now, and let yourself be filled with the love, the purity and the goodness emanating from Him. Let the love and purity of baby Jesus fill your being, your home and your life.

Let the rays of divine love shine throughout the whole energy array of Mother Earth, to the farthest corner of the world.

Let the rays of divine love shine from heart to heart and from soul to soul until it envelops all souls that inhabit planet Earth.

I am the Spirit of Christmas and now, at Christmas I invite you to be happy and to celebrate the joy of the divine birth of Christ!

I bless you and I embrace you with divine love.


I will hold  two seminars at East West in Mountain View in 29th and 31st of January, 2016 “Spiritual tools for success” and “Staying connected with the Spirit of Success” in which I am offering powerful tools and meditations to help you advance on your spiritual path and I am inviting you to participate.

For those of you who want to work with me in presence I will hold private sessions on Monday, February 1st from 11:30 to 5 pm:

My gift for you at Christmas, a beautiful Initiation With Lord Jesus at Christmas Time:

I look forward to be of service and support to you with my divine gifts, and I invite you to book my special session of channeling and initiation for you called “2016-Your Best Year Ever” for a special price of $110 offered between 12-22-2015 and 1-7-2016.

Please call me at 650-224-9467 or email: to make an appointment with me directly, now.

For all of you who celebrate your birthday, your name day or an anniversary this month, I wish you a Happy Day full of joy and blessings.

May the winter solstice and the Holidays purify and renew us this month so that we shall enter the New Year with pure and joyful hearts, and walk the path of service and wholeness.

May you be blessed in every way, and may you receive all the divine gifts that the Universe has in store for you. With love and divine blessings for the season!
Happy Holidays and much love!


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