Closing the year with joy

Just about now I reconnect with the gifts of this year.

Yes, there where many gifts for me although it was also a year of painful discoveries.

As I walked the Hill of Apparitions in Medjugorje for the 4th time in my life I was again embraced in the Divine‘s Mother Love. I learned how important it is to be in a community with the right heart people and where the soul communion is possible.

Walking the Camino Portugues I learned that I can get to the finish line even when exhausted and in pain. I was reminded once more that we are never, ever alone in our lives. The Way is supported, blessed and encouraged by our angels, the protectors of the path and Saint James himself.

Teaching at my retreat of Self Love was a powerful way to rediscover love for myself while facilitating powerful transformation in other people’s lives.

These were just a few glimpses of my life in 2014.

I am grateful for all the learning, experiences, messages and encounters of this year. I am grateful for who I have became because of this year.

At the end of this year I invite you to answer these important questions for yourself:

– What did I learn this year?

– What brought me joy this year?

– What do I need to forgive in my life now?

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