Walking the Camino

I walked the Camino Frances 2 years ago leading a group and this year I returned to walk the Camino Portugues to Santiago de Compostela.

Since November 2006, when I traveled the Camino for first time in my life I hold deep down within a perpetual longing for this path that has called me again and again. My first journey on the Way of Saint James led to divine messages and encounters that I describe in my book published in Europe and soon to be published in the U.S., and every time I went back new messages and apparitions delighted me.

Walking the Camino brings a mysterious joy and adventure in my life. There are so many gifts on that sacred path:

  • the gift of nature – I love Spain and its natural, incredible beauty
  • the gift of people – pilgrims are one of a kind people
  • the gift of serendipity that happens in the most incredible way on El Camino
  • the gift of divine grace
  • the gift of my soul
  • the gift of my rediscovery
  • the gift of my transformation

Walking the Camino is a spiritual must for body, mind and life. Camino is an advanced spiritual walk to rediscover what is most important in one’s life.

I will soon return with more messages and teachings that I received anew about this incredible experience that is walking the Camino

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