Beloved Friend,

It’s been awhile since I wrote you a personal note. My summer was busy with travels, seminars, retreats and sacred journeys in Europe.

I led two pilgrimages: one to Medjugorje and the other to Santiago de Compostela on the Camino Portugues. I held a self-love retreat and a seminar of connecting the masculine and feminine energies. I also reconnected there with friends and clients, and with my family. I am back home in California now reorganizing my life after the divine messages and breakthroughs received on my sacred journeys.

What I have learned again during my pilgrimages is that we are divinely loved and always supported to claim our own true place in the world, to step into our next level of metamorphosis.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I want to give thanks for having you, my soul family, in my life: friends, readers and students. I feel blessed to know you and to have the honor to touch your life channeling more divine love and support in your life.


Thanksgiving Meditation

Gratitude: The Key To Joy and Wholeness
Please take 5 minutes, close your eyes, and sit in a quiet place in silence.

Bring awareness to your thoughts. Discard in the most compassionate way thoughts of discontent, fear, anger, blame, guilt and self-pity, now. Allow them to gently leave your consciousness, now. Forgive yourself for allowing them to enter your mind. Forgive yourself for all your perceived imperfections.

Accept the reality of your life, accept the goodness in your life. Accept that your soul is whole, divine and complete and your human nature is doing the best it can do in every moment. Accept yourself, just the way you are. Approve of your life.

Breathe in and relax, and allow a sense of gratitude to arise for who you are, for your life, for what is available to you now. Breathe in, and allow this feeling to expand in your body and in your life.

You are safe. You are blessed. You are divine.

Abundance is your birthright. Joy is yours to keep. You are already enough, and all is well.

Breathe in and out, and accept your divinity.

Your life is precious, and every minute is meaningful. Be grateful for who you are, celebrate yourself, and celebrate your life.


I make myself available to you with new sessions to support you in creating healing and meaningful closure with this year 2014, and open the gates for new beginnings in the new year 2015. Please call me at 650-224-9467 to schedule your session, now.


May you have the most peaceful and joyful Thanksgiving week-end full of divine blessings.

Much love and gratitude to you.




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