Month of Love

Dear friends with loving hearts,

I am so grateful to be able to do a work I love with the people I love.

Thank you for being a part of my life!

This is a month of love and renewing.

Please be kind with yourself and offer yourself gifts of inner-peace and self-love such as: walks in nature, laying in the Sun, readings of poetry or your  favorite book, mini–massages of your hands, feet and face and also offer yourselves smiles and encouragements in all you do. Because as Louise Hay says: “Love is the greatest miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives!”


Message from Saint Valentine:

Dear souls,

“Love is the prayer of the heart, and the longing of the soul.

The energy of love creates healing, power, joy and beauty.

Love is sacred.

Treat love seriously.Your self-love, other people’s presence in your life, and the love of the Creator for you.

May you know love, embrace love and be a beacon of love!

I love you and embrace you with my love, now and forever.”

Saint Valentine-a Saint of Love


I am full of joy and emotion as I announce that my coauthored book “Spirit of Success “ is a best-seller book now and it will be available on paperback March 15, 2014.This is my first book published in US and contains my inspirational personal story about  how I achieved success and what success means to me.

This book which contains 35 heartfelt breakthrough stories will empower people to create their own success.

This month I moved in a new city and with regret I had to postpone our monthly meditation.

I look forward to our meditation next month.

Initiations with divine feminine energies, readings and healing sessions are available and I received new tools to empower you.

Call or e-mail me to request your appointment.


Much love and divine blessings



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