The Gift of 2013

Dear Friends,

As we now said good bye to 2013, please take a moment and connect with the gifts that this past year has brought into your life.

See every event of the year as a gift because it was a gift indeed, a gift offered by the Spirit to help you grow in wisdom, love and inner peace. If you went through a separation, a divorce, or a loss see it as a closure. If you experienced the loss of an opportunity see it as a reminder that there is greatness in you and that new and better opportunity will open to you at the right moment.

Surrender 2013 to the divine now, learn from its lessons, embrace its goodness, and smile to a year lived fully.

This is my New Year Message for you:

A New Year is here with new opportunities and blessings.

Take this new beginning and enjoy life, be open, be ready for all the gifts and promises that this New Year will bring your way.

Allow the wisdom, the light and the divine love to fill your heart now.

Step now into the New Year with an open mind and joyful heart.

Be ready for a year full of miracles.

May all your dreams come true in 2014!

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