What we should learn from what is happening in America right now…

I was sad to find out about the shooting that took place at the LA airport last Friday.

Coincidentally, I was at a workshop in a hotel very close to LAX, and when the presenter asked us to hold a moment of silence I thought for a moment that it was a game, an exercise in the workshop… And indeed it was, but on a much bigger scale.

When Monday night I heard about the shootings in the Garden State Plaza, the NJ mall where I shopped often 10 years ago when I lived there, I got really scared, and worried and frustrated.

When I came to America 20 years ago I felt completely safe everywhere I went.

What has happened that would create such darkness in people to make them attack their own brothers with no apparent reason?

What is it with us as members of the human race that prevents us from transcending the darkness, the violence and the emptiness in our souls?

What are the answers to the questions that we all need to ask ourselves in order to create order in this beautiful land of ours?

What is the answer that we need to hear in order to create inner peace?

What is the emotion that we need to feel right now?

What is the thought that we need to disconnect right now?

What do we need to acknowledge right now in order to create a safe world for us all?

We are all part of the collective consciousness, and I invite you to answer to these questions to yourself and become part of the solution rather than the problem.

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