The Day of Saint Francis

On the day of the celebration of Saint Francis of Assisi I was visiting through a serendipity the old Mission San Antonio de Padua in California.
In the garden of the mission walking towards the entrance of the old church, a priest caught up with me and started talking to me. I thus found out that he was a visitor to the site as well and that he was about to hold the mass in about 15 minutes. It was from him that I learned that Pope Francis was at that time in Assisi praying for peace on this sacred day.
I joyfully remembered the medieval city of Assisi: serene, elegant, cozy, and joyful, protected and embraced by Saint Francis’  love and devotion.
Connecting to Assisi I received these words:
Dear one,
Start the day by declaring this a day of peace. Breathe in the energy of peace and carry the light of peace in your being.
Let go of any being emprisoned and judged in your mind.
Let there be peace in your mind, in your heart and in your whole being.
I bless you with my celestial peace.
Saint Francis of Assisi

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