International day of Peace

Dear friends,

I am finally back home after an extended work journey to Europe, to share with you a new blog dedicated to peace.

On September 21st we celebrate the International day of Peace.

Peace has been a strong desire on our planet for decades now.  Asking myself why  we could not yet achieve peace on Earth, the answer received from my inner self was that we lack awareness about our own inner peace that is not fully understood and completely integrated within our heart and being.

I suggest to you a simple exercise that you can do right now.  Put your right hand on your heart and ask now:

“Dear heart what is the meaning of peace to you?   How can I offer reconciliation and tranquility to you?”

Listen carefully to the answers of your heart and let them flow into your being.

Let us invite now among us the angels of peace to bless every human being in the process of reaching the true peace of their heart.  I ask the angels of peace to bless all the corners of our Earth with the divine essence of peace, the peace of divine love that touches and heals every soul.

May this peace be always with you and within you my dearest friend.


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