What I Am Grateful For

As the celebrations have ended I try to stay as much as possible in the state of grace and gratitude brought by Thanksgiving into my life.

For years I was afraid of the approaching year end that comes so quickly after Thanksgiving.  I felt that I was not going to be able to accomplish everything on my yearly to-do list.  I must say though, that life has taught me to enjoy and celebrate each small step towards success and all the simple pleasures of life.

This year I am grateful for my family, my husband, my mother who celebrated her 77th birthday this year, my dear sister, her husband, my niece and nephew, and all my friends.

I am very grateful for my clients, the healing breakthroughs and the miracles that we have created together with the blessed help of the Divine.

I am full of gratitude for all the spiritual courses and seminars that I conducted in the US, in Canada and in Europe on many inspiring subjects:  healing the fear, rediscovering the authentic self, creating a year of transformation, creating abundance with the divine, initiating with the Masters of Ascension.

I am grateful to all my divine teachers who support my work and to all the people who have opened up to receive my teachings.

I recall full of joy my pilgrimage to Greece and all the connections with saints, goddesses and sacred places there.

But most of all I am grateful for walking the Camino, and fulfilling the promise I had made to myself and to Saint James that I will return on his Way with a group of pilgrims to reconnect with the healing and the blessings of this wonderful journey.

This year I made a new promise: to be back on the Way in 2014 at the latest walking the camino Portugues with another group of pilgrims.

For what are you most grateful this year? What are your blessings?

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