Pilgrimage: That Sacred Path

Like most of you, I like traveling to different places in our world but what I love most is visiting sacred places.

Have you ever entered a place of worship where for no apparent reason you were touched to the heart and you ended up gazing, in tears, at a statue or any other representation of the divine?

This happens to me frequently.  The most recent time was in the St. Jacob’s Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela.

And, miracles have happened to me in these sacred places.

Some eight years ago, I went on a journey to Medugorje, the miraculous pilgrimage destination in Bosnia-Hercegovina, where Virgin Mary appeared two decades ago to a few local children.

On my first night there, I felt a gentle wind on my face and I heard a voice whispering softly to me: “Don’t be afraid, we are the angels of the Virgin, and we are here to tell you to be ready, as your mission will start soon”.  I did not know what to make of this message.

But soon afterwards, I had a vision of the Divine Mother, who spoke to me asking me to become her messenger and to convey her comforting words and loving energy through my work as a healer, speaker and author.  And this was a miracle, indeed….

That day, in just one day I was transformed in a messenger for the Divine, a healer and a writer. On that hour I was healed at countless levels and I understood and experienced unconditional love – Divine love.

Thus, in just one day, in just one hour, in just one minute, I was transformed into a messenger for the divine love and I was healed at countless levels by unconditional love, the Divine love.

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