Who I am

Who am I?  This is a question of discovery and rediscovery that I ask myself each and every day.

I believe that we are complex beings on a journey of transformation and of refining our true essence.   We all have the Divine spark within us and we are the embodiment of Divine love here on earth.

In this blog I want to tell you about me.

Well, for one thing I am a woman, a wife, a daughter and a sister. I am also a friend and my desire is to be a friend who always has her heart open to offer love and compassion and words of soothing and comfort.

I am a servant and a messenger of the Divine, and I was touched, transformed and blessed by them.  I love the Divine in all shapes and forms.

My name, Danielle, means “God is my judge” in Hebrew; Daniel the Prophet was also a visionary.

I am a channel for healing words. I have studied and prayed throughout my entire life to be a  healer but I know that it is the Creator who always heals us and through us.

I am a channel for speaking the Divine words and as a messenger my mission is to connect you with the Divine.

I am a channel for writing the Divine words and I know that every wise word and inspired action comes from the Creator.

My blessing is to witness your healing, your transformation and evolution, and I celebrate with joy when this happens.

I love flowers – I practice the art of Ikebana, I love music and I love traveling to sacred places to reconnect my inner self with the Divine power.

But enough about me…

What do you know about yourself?  What do you want to share with us?

Click here to share your story.

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