Why I write

I’ve been asked many times, and I have also asked myself:

Why do I write?


I write because I am a messenger for the divine and it is part of my calling to bring hope, love and empowerment to you – my beloved reader.

I write because words have their own power and there are words inside of me longing to be said;   these words ask me to set them free and not hold them inside anymore.

I write because I have conducted countless healings with the divine power of words and I have a deep understanding for their healing power.

I write because as a Gemini I am fascinated by communicating with people.

I write because many testimonials about my books encourage me to keep inspiring my readers and to bring them love, messages and revelations.

I write because there are stories inside of me that long to be shared in order to give soothing to you.

I write because I am, and writing to me is a second nature, as important as breathing and talking.

I write as an act of love that that lifts you up, and as a token of advice that you may need in trying times.

I write because once I received from above a few simple words that have created healing and transformation in me, and completely changed my mind, my soul and my life, when I needed it most.

I write because I know that the right message will always reach the souls in need and connect them with the Divine.

I write as an act of love and giving to you…

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